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The most common criminal charge throughout the country today is Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The charge of DUI is often brought against individuals who would not otherwise have any involvement in the criminal justice system. The defense of a DUI case is highly technical and requires the prompt involvement of an attorney with specific knowledge of the entire field of DUI. I have such experience and knowledge. I prefer to meet with potential clients as soon after they are aware that are going to be charged with a DUI offense, even if they have not yet received their criminal complaint. I explore with them all available options, including Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, a first offender diversionary program. A.R.D. permits an individual to substantially shorten the period of driver’s license suspension.

For many individuals, A.R.D. is not an option because they are on their second or third offense. I have successfully tried such cases before juries. I invite anyone who is charged with DUI to partake of a free consultation in my office during which I will explain all of the options and defenses with them. My goal is always to minimize the impact of a DUI offense and to shorten or avoid a loss of driving privileges.

A.R.D. further allows all evidence of the driver’s arrest and prosecution to be expunged from all public agencies that would otherwise maintain a record of the event. This is extremely valuable to anyone seeking employment. My office is very adept at getting all qualifying records expunged, even if I did not represent the individual in their charge. If you have a question about an expungement, please contact me.

Drugs and the Law

It is estimated that upwards of 80% of criminal prosecutions are the result of a defendant’s involvement with drugs or alcohol.

There are a variety of options available to defendants charged with possession of controlled substances, many of which allow the defendant to regain a clean criminal history. I explore all of these options with my clients. As always, my goal is to comprehensively address the problem and to minimize the negative impact of the prosecution upon the individual’s life.

In my experience, the courts are well aware of the role that addiction plays in the lives of many criminal defendants. Judges are willing to work with those individuals who directly confront the forces that may cause them to become ensnared in the criminal justice system.

I assume responsibility not only for the immediate legal needs of my clients, but I also can work with them to address the issues that may be behind their legal problems. Over the years, I have referred many clients to rehabilitation centers when appropriate. I maintain many contacts with drug and alcohol treatment centers in the area.